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You may have often heard a word “Tablet” or you may be knowing about it or may own it. Then you are at right place to get more information on it. Tablet is a new fashion that is coming up with new technologies, new features, new apps, and much more.

What is tablet?

You may be wondering what is tablet? is it a medicinal capsule or a medicinal pill. No, its a new Technological gadget that has same features as that of your computer or laptop or smartphone. It is a device that you can work with, play with or get information. Its a portable device just as your smartphone but with little larger in size with smartphone and smaller than your laptop that cannot fit in your pocket unless its large or your tablet is of small size compared to other.

What operating system does it use?

The tablets may use the following  os:-

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Blackberry Tablet os
  • and etc made by their respective producers.

Back to history.

  • 2002 :- Bill Gates launched its microsoft tablet which no one gave look
  • 2010 :- Steve Jobs  launched ipad which got great success.
  • Present :- Android tablets produced by different brands are touching the sky.

 What is Android?

A android tablet can perform many functions same as that of your computer. But you have to adjust it to suit your basic needs, to get information, to have fun playing games, or to work. The apps that are available on android market or google play can be downloaded as and when you require them as per your need.

Different forms of tablet.

  • Slate
  • Booklet
  • Convertible
  • Hybrid

You may have often heard the word “Phablet

The Phablet is word made from ‘Phone’ and ‘Tablet’ that makes “Phablet”. The Phablet is a device that has generally screen larger than 5 inch. From which you can make calls even and that even fits in your pocket. The great example is Samsung Galaxy Note and Note 2.

Some of the Features of tablets can be:-

  • High performance ram and processors
  • Internal space
  • Memory card slot
  • Inbuilt simcard slot(may exist or may not)
  • High definition displays
  • Camera (single or dual)
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • A media player and gallery(photos and videos)
  • Social media apps
  • Ebook reader
  • 3D functions(may or may not be)
  • And much more……………

Choosing a perfect one

While choosing a perfect tablet first make your budget and take a look at the features of it….. The following features may help you to choose a perfect one:-

  • Processor :- greater than or equal to 1Ghz.
  • Ram :- greater than or equal to 512 MB.
  • Display :- greater than or equal to 7 inches.
  • Camera :- depends on your choice.
  • Connectivity :- at least wifi should be there or may have a dongle support.
  • GPS :- depends on your choice.
  • 3D function :- depends on your choice.
  • Battery :- Battery performance makes sense so choose one with high performance.
  • Weight :- mostly choose one with low weight.
  • Social media apps, Ebook reader and other apps does not make a sense as they can be downloaded later.

Other features may be accelerometer, ambient light, proximity sensor,bluetooth and usb ports may depend on your choice.

At the end

So you can buy a tablet online or offline. Just rush to the store now to buy a perfect tablet after making a feature list. Go buy it and have fun….enjoy…….

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