Gadgets | Samsung Galaxy S Series

Galaxy S Series Logo

Galaxy S Series Logo

The world’s one of the top electronic manufacturing company Samsung has got one of the hit series of the smartphone market. That’s the Galaxy S series. Wow, That’s Great! isn’t it? Anyone who may be owning one of the member of this series is lucky……..Let’s look deep into it…..

The members of this series are(at time of writing):-

  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4

There are also sub-models of these plus, advance, mini…….

Some of the features are :-

  • Powered by:- Android OS.
  • Cpu :- Starting from 1GHZ.
  • Gpu:- Present.
  • Ram:-Starting from 512Mb.
  • 3g:- Supported.
  • 4g:- Supported by only some.
  • Camera:- Starting from 5Mp with HD recording.
  • Memory card :- Supported.
  • Display:- Starting from 4.0-inch.

Comparison of all members is given here.

At the end

So you can buy one online or offline. Just rush to the store now to buy. Go buy it and have fun….enjoy…….

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2 thoughts on “Gadgets | Samsung Galaxy S Series

  1. I’m not impress with the technology of samsung before, but when they release the Galaxy S series I was stunned with the beauty of this whole series, That time I said to my self that I need to try one of all this phones. and the rest is history!

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