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One of the world’s greatest electronic manufacturing company Sony has got the Xperia smartphones and tablets to compete in the market. Sony as everyone knows has quality products than anyother electronic company. Sony Ericsson has turned into Sony mobiles.

Xperiance the technology of the Xperia……and you will go mad after it………

Look deep into it….. 

Sony launched its first Xperia in 2008 powered by windows. But later xperia was switched to Android OS. All the xperias are now powered by Android Os.

The most exciting features of xperia are the Bravia engine, xLoud Experiance and the Timescape app.

Some of the xperias do have the physical keyboard.That makes the smartphone look even great. For eg. Xperia mini pro sk17i has got the physical keyboard. Its great one.

Most of them have bluetooth and wifi technology. And even 3g.

Camera….oh……you know Sony is famous for Cybershot cameras…..same like way sony smartphones are famous for its cool camera…..even most of the xperias has HD video recording.

Most of the newest sony smartphones have NFC (Near field communication)….

Overall sony smartphones are costly….but has the best quality……

Sony xperia tablets are also cool……

Look the official sony mobile website here.

At the end.

So you can buy xperia online or offline. Just rush to the store now to buy. Go buy it and have fun….enjoy…….

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