Java Programming | Hello World


The java programming is similar to the c++. with little differences…Java is truly amazing language. Lets discover it…. The program is of Hello world thats beginning of every language. This Program is given below…Go enjoy the program. Lets begin……

Program of Hello World in java.

// the name of our class its public
public class helloworld {
//void main
public static void main (String[] args)
//print function
System.out.println(“Hello World.”);


Hello World.

How it works

  1. The program just prints hello world.

Extending it

The program can be extended by using your name in place of world. Or you can give the message.


  1. Declare the class as public
  2. Add the void main function
  3. Add system.out.println() function with the message in it.

At the end

You learnt creating the Java program in Hello world. So now enjoy the program.

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